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Sharing is Caring


We become the link between the businesses that want to offer free meals and the people, groups and structures that need support.

We know that one of the biggest issues a catering and food business has to deal with is unusable products left at the end of the day. Products that are in excellent condition and unfortunately end up in the trash.

At the same time that people around us are unable to meet their needs in good quality food on a daily basis.

Together we create a chain of solidarity and social cohesion. A supply and support chain.

We created the platform "Sharing is Caring" which you will find in the app "myHappyClub" and with very simple steps you can

1) make your donation if you are a business

2) secure free meals


Do you have a catering, food or tourism business and wish to offer free meals to people, groups and structures in need?

See here how to do it

How can you participate in the Sharing is Caring program? 
Follow the steps below or watch the video

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Download the app and register

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Go to the SHARING tab

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See all stores participating in the Sharing is Caring program


Make a reservation at the store you want

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Go to the store you chose and redeem the reservation


Give them to those who really need it

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